Next Play - Proscenophobia (Stage fright)

Performance Dates - May 25th-28th 2022

Open auditions took place at The White Harte Inn, Cuckfield on Wednesday 23rd February 2022 at 7.15 pm

Play Characters:

Adelaide: A successful actress, attractive and ambitious, vain and selfish but with a certain amount of self-knowledge. 40s.

Millie: Her understudy.  Old friend of Adelaide’s, Bright, breezy and attractive.   Once also married to one of Adelaide’s husbands.

Judy: The assistant stage manager, a rather neurotic and nervous young woman, 18 – 20.

Justin: The Company Manager, an extravert, affected, imperturbable, sophisticated. 50s

Edward: “The Husband”, an impresario, charming, debonair and unscrupulous.

Pearl: Sickly sweet and ingratiating, secretly envious of the two main actresses but hides it well.  50s


We are looking to fill the roles of Adelaide, Edward and Pearl.

Play synopsis:

A theatre company on tour includes a star and her understudy who were both married to the same man. When the understudy takes the stage at a provincial theatre, the gun fires bullets instead of blanks and she is killed. Who was the intended victim? Who loaded the gun? Focus is on human motivation rather than police investigation in this theatre mystery.

PLEASE CONTACT US at if you need more details about the parts/auditions or how to find us.