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HUMBLE BOY by Charlotte Jones

PRODUCTION DATES: 5th - 9th July 2022


AUDITIONS: In the Players Theatre auditorium on Saturday 26th March at 2:30pm and Monday 28th March at 7:30pm. You only need to attend ONE audition date. 


Please contact the director Ian Amos ian.amos@hurstplayers.org.uk to indicate which part(s) you are interested in and which date you plan to attend. Also if you would like to receive audition pieces in advance. If you are unable to attend either of these dates but are interested in auditioning then please contact Ian.

Rehearsals will start at the beginning of May and probably mostly be on Wednesdays and Sundays – but there will be some possible flexibility in this. Two rehearsals a week – with no doubt a few more creeping in as the production dates come closer.


Written in 2001 and premiered at the National with Simon Russell Beale and Diana Rigg in the leads. It is a contemporary family comedy with a touch of string theory all set in a summer garden….and there’s a lot of lovely things about bees coming at you from all angles!



Felix Humble LEAD M, late 20s to mid 40s, intellectual (theoretical astrophysicist), slightly nerdy, not that adept in matters of the heart. Stammers when nervous. Fractious relationship with his mother Flora.

Mercy Lott F, 50/60/70 The next-door neighbour. A bit nosey. Very loyal to Flora – in fact allows herself to be used as a doormat. Has a secret passion for George.

Flora Humble LEAD F late 40s to early 60s. Rather grand in manner. Beautiful, powerful, controlling. Recently bereaved and suffering in some comical ways from that – thought she doesn’t discover this until part way through the play. Has been having an affair for quite a while with George Pye – but now she is free perhaps he does not seem quite so attractive.

Jim M, 50+ tends to the beautiful garden. Slightly mystical wise figure who wafts in and out of his shed offering an ear and advice to Felix.

George Pye M 55+ Something of a wide boy. Rather vulgar. Runs a coach company. Rather likes himself and thinks he is a magnet for the women. He wants to marry Flora.

Rosie Pye F, late 20s to late 30s A long lost love of Felix. Straight speaking, slightly wild. Bohemian.



Felix Humble returns to his family home in the English countryside after receiving word of the death of his father. He discovers that his mother, Flora Humble, has got rid of all of her husband’s belongings including the bees which he kept. The reunion of mother and son is not pleasant, old animosity is sparked between the two as Flora blames Felix for embarrassing her at James’s funeral by running away when it was Felix’s turn for eulogy. On top of that Felix discovers that Flora intends to marry a man named George Pye, the complete opposite of the intellectual and passionate James.

Through the summer the distance between Flora and Felix grows. Flora sends her friend Mercy as a spy to befriend Felix and relay information back. Felix can see right through his mother’s devious agenda and finds that the gardener Jim, who is ignored by everyone, is the only one he can confide in.

Felix reunites with an ex-girlfriend, Rosie Pye, daughter of George Pye. After breaking up to Felix some while back – she is now an independent woman - a nurse and a single mother. Rosie tries to ease Felix’s tension by sex in the shrubbery, only to be interrupted by Flora and George coming home. Rosie reveals to Felix that Flora and George have been having an affair for a long time. She also tells Felix before she leaves that he is the father of her daughter Felicity.

Felix becomes distraught, even suicidal. There is conflict at a garden dinner party where Flora plans to officially announce her wedding with George. After a period of emotional outbursts which ends with Mercy leaving after being harassed by Flora, a moment of revelation occurs as Felix reminds Flora of the devotion of James to his unfaithful wife. Flora cancels her wedding and sends George off. As Felix and Flora have a moment of mutual forgiveness in the garden, Flora sees Jim the gardener in a new light.

“Sad, very sad; funny, very, very funny…this is a seriously wonderful play” (Sunday Times).